Terms & Conditions

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MarketingVast deals with clients with utter professionalism and maintains strict rules and regulations for the benefit of both parties. Our services include all the fundamentals of digital marketing SEO, SMM, PPC, ORM, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, E-commerce solutions and Web Analytics. The delivery time of services depends on the service categories. By accessing our website to use our services you would need to follow the terms and conditions. If one violates the rules, terms and conditions strict action will be taken against that person. Our website is copyrighted in order to protect it from any malicious activity.

Service Delivery

All services can be accessible upon service purchases. To process our payments we use Stripe and that supports most of the debit and credit cards i.e. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, etc. You must accept their terms and conditions before paying.

Your buying information will be mailed to your email address. You have to create an account on our site to use any of our services. After creating an account, contact us via our support email to receive your proposal letter. We will reply back with your desired service in detail and go through the process for the completion of the deal with ease.

If your payment is not successfully completed for any reason or issues, we will need to investigate it. Delays may occur up to 1 hour to 48 hours based on the situation and the extent of further investigation if required after a fraud alert has been activated.


As a digital marketing agency and according to service requirements we have the right to post information related to your business in social media, publisher, and search provider websites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, local online newspapers, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube. All kinds of posting will be done with your consent.

We will be using the information you provide to build up contents of social media and websites, and this information is like copy, form, size, text, graphics, names, addresses, phone numbers, URLs, logos, trade names, trademarks, service marks, endorsements, photographs and videos. Ensure that the information that you provide to our agency is truthful and does not have any malicious intention.

Unauthorized Usage

You should not use the MarketingVast service for any unauthorized purpose, strict action will be taken upon violation of any laws in our jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright laws) as well as in the order of the laws of the European Union and International law. It is forbidden to use our services against civilize violence, pornography, incivility content, or piracy links.

We reserve the right of blocking your user account instantly if we notice any unacceptable usage.

If you signed up on the marketingvast.com website, you are liable for maintaining the safety of that, and you are fully responsible for all activities that happen under this account and any other operations are taken from that. Must notify us without delay any disallowed uses of your account.


Once you get our service, you may contact us for help or support via comment or sending a message from the item support zone and will do our best to review and fix it. We will try to provide a solution via the comment, support ticket, or email. Our expert will look close through it if there is a critical problem


However, all of our customer purchases can be pending for a manual anti-cheat checkup to review the payment system. You will receive an elaborate email about your payment. An anti-cheat check happens due to the progressive number of deceptive transactions from individuals who are not genuine cardholders of the credit cards used during purchases. The customer account can be ceased for a manual anti-cheat check for 24 hours, also it can be ceased for a longer term for more investigations.

Price Changes

Over time our price may change and MarketingVast holds the right to change the service price depending on priority.


MarketingVast provides services with perfection, yet if there is any mismanagement we will look after it.

Clients cannot cancel any services agreement showing any kind of faults or mistakes. If clients come across some typographical errors, incorrect ad placements, under deliveries, omissions, or errors in advertising, social media, and website content provided by us, please let us know. We will try our best to fix it within 2 working days. 

All kinds of content and materials made by this agency for clients will be sent for proofreading and checking to the client before publishing. The MarketingVast authority will not liable for any kind error, loss, or damages like typographical error, incorrect ad placement, under-delivery, omission.

For SEO and Digital Marketing

Our agency will do all the required SEO techniques to improve the visibility of your site. But we don’t hold any control over the search engine policy for ranking and their algorithm which ranks you up in SERP.

Due to the competitiveness, the agency does not ensure that your website will be at the top right away. Google takes its own time and checks the activities of new websites before ranking them. The ranking changes from time to time, our agency does not hold any kind of power for it.

If by any chance the SEO setup for your website down by the agency is disrupted knowingly or unknowingly by you, the agency will not liable for it and what additional cost will be needed to fix it will be told accordingly.

Digital media advertising costs are additional and payable directly to third-party providers. Developing text advertising, image and video ads, and/or banner ads to endorse web marketing or paid social media strategies will be clearly outlined as part of the deliverables in the Company plan. No refunds for SEO or Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC, E-Mail, Remarketing, Content Marketing, Blogging, Social Media) are available.

We reserve the right to change and modify terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice.