Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • mvast
  • July 18, 2020
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Billboards are no doubt one of the most classic forms of advertisement, it allows people to know the value of your business.

But this is the era of digital marketing and digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps are ruling. 

No matter how big or small your business or businesses are, everything is advertised online. There is a website and mobile app for everything.

Just like, people need groceries, they go online shopping, they can book a vehicle online if they need to go somewhere, they even hire plumbers online now to fix their tap urgently. 

So in short digital marketing is taking your business online.

The target of this article is to tell you how digital marketing works and how you can bring your business online and grow it and how you can profit from it more than ever.

So let’s get to the business!

What is Digital Marketing?

You don’t put a billboard on an empty street where no one can see it, cause the advertisement is valueless if the one who is intended to see it is not even there. So where is everybody?

Internet duh!

Everybody has different digital channels when advertising their business online. The term digital marketing means advertising and providing services online.

Therefore, Digital marketing is the marketing component that utilizes the internet and online digital technologies for the promotion of products and services through computers, mobile, phones, other digital media, and platforms.

Digital marketing comprises website ads, content marketing, social media marketing, and all in a digital world. 

Digital marketing firms will make online videos, operate social media pages, and provide advertisement on the website, mobile devices

There are some fundamental ways in which you can do digital marketing and make your business successful through that.

  • The aim is to establish a marketing strategy for digital media, whereby all your followers are available and link them to a wide range of digital channels.
  • Content to keep them up-to-date on tech news, issues, and linking them on how to resolve them.
  • Posting on social networking sites, connecting with friends, and gaining followers to grow your business.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business website and content so that your website can appear on the search engines when someone searches for a relevant topic.
  • Advertising to get paid traffic to your website, where people can see your deals.
  • E-mail marketing to reach potential customers and ensure that they continue to get their services.

So our next task is to know these ways in detail and how they make a business successful.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of online marketing where different forms of content are made, published, and spread to groups of the target audiences.  

This is a marketing strategy for your businesses that focuses on content creation, publishing, and delivering them to a particular online audience. Businesses are often using it to: attract the attention of people and generate leads and hold brand awareness. Hence, expanding its customers by bringing more traffic.

What are the ways of Content Marketing?

  • Infographics: Graph, statistics, and charts through which you can provide the information to your viewers. Infographics are a type of visual content that helps visualize a concept that website visitors want to know.
  • Blog posts: Writing and posting posts on a client blog can help you display business experience and boost organic search traffic. This eventually gives you more chances to turn website users into traffic for your sales team.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Make your business website search engine friendly or optimize it which will lead it to rank high up in any search engine. Therefore, your website will appear more often for any relevant search and that will, in turn, generate more organic traffic.

This is one of the most trending strategies to do digital marketing and also the most complicated one. Search engines use algorithms and hundreds of factors to rank the best websites first for a particular search. And to rank on top is a challenging thing.

There are three main types of SEO:

  • On-page SEO: On-page SEO is a method of optimization of website content for search engines and users. This is often referred to as on-site SEO. Popular SEO practices on the website include title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, and URLs for optimization.
  • Off-page SEO: It explains all you can do beyond your site to assist you in improving the SERP position: linking, forums, power, and content marketing. Off-page SEO let’s search engines understand what people think of the product, services, or website.
  • Technical SEO: SEO of this sort emphasizes on how your pages are coded on the backend of your site. Image optimization, structured data, and CSS file optimization are all types of technical SEO that can improve the loading speed on your site – a significant search engine ranking factor.

3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest, the list goes on and on. But this platform is a great source to make your business successful. 

With this, we come to our third strategy, Social Media Marketing. You don’t just use social media to socialize. Social Media is the new hotspot for spreading your business and capture. 

This strategy helps your brand and your social media content to increase the visibility of your brand, drive traffic,  and create sales for your business.

Social media marketing or SMM is a type of internet marketing that involves content creation and sharing in social media to achieve your marketing goals. Social media marketing involves activity that encourages user participation and paid advertising for media, such as sharing updates on text and pictures, videos, and other content.

Social media marketing can contribute to a variety of objectives, such as:

  •  Increase the website traffic;  
  •  To develop brand awareness; 
  • To establish a new brand identity and 
  • A positive brand connection.

4. Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)


Oftentimes when you search something in a search engine there are some ads on the side. Every time the ad is clicked the marketer has to pay an amount to the advertiser.

This is known as Pay-Per-Click or PPC.

Basically this is a paid advertisement. Where you pay a site or search engines to display your website or product ads.

There are so many things that should be taken into account while doing PPC marketing. You have to properly utilize the keywords to make really intelligent and attractive ads, which requires a professional hand. Well made ad campaigns are rewarded often with discounts from search engines and other sites where the ads are being shown.

5. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the method by which an affiliate gains a fee to commercialize goods of another individual or organization. The affiliate simply discovers the product it prefers, promotes it then, and receives a profit on any sale it makes. The sales are tracked from one website to another through affiliate links.

As affiliate marketing operates by spreading the marketing and product development roles across groups, it helps to exploit a range of individuals’ abilities to build a more successful marketing campaign and at the same time give donors a share of income. There must be three parties involved to do this: sellers and producers of goods, affiliates, or advertisers, and the customer.

6.  Email Marketing

email marketing

If you check your email you can find there are hundreds of promotional emails offering discounts and other sorts of product details and so many other forms of offer. Most of the time websites just send emails to aware people of their business.

This is called email marketing and this is done by the marketer to promote their business through email to potential customers and generate leads.

The ways email marketing is done are by.

  • Blog updates subscription. 
  • Website users who downloaded something are accompanied by emails. 
  • Welcome emails from the client. 
  • Discounts for participants of the loyalty program. 
  • Consumer Health Tips or related series of emails.

As our earth is evolving and so is our technology. Our business should be aligned with the most recent trends. Digital marketing is a trend that will not go out of fashion.

If you think the article is good and you got help from it or if you have any kind of opinion about this article please leave a comment below.

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